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We're different

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Online bet System

We are not a casino. The bets are against another player, not against "the betting house". We do not earn anything, we only act as intermediaries. Enjoy a fair system for once!

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Unlike most "Play-To-Earn" projects, we have designed a long-term economy that we have denominated "Win-To-Earn." A truly deflationary token with an integrated Smart Staking. Do you want to know more?

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Online PvP Games

No luck. No automatic systems. Our games are fair and based on the player's skill. Achieving victory or suffering defeat only depends on you. Don't you like a game? No problem, we have more.


Spin Zone

Bumper Cars 1v1 Online

Play frenzied, funny and punk games of bumper cars.

Get the highest score and win games to become the number one.

Get different scores by crashing other cars.

You will lose points if they collide you.

You will earn point multipliers when you make multiple collisions.


Run Monster Run

Platform game 1v1 Online

Levels full of traps inside an enchanted castle.

You must overcome to reach the exit in the shortest time possible.

Play crazy levels online and, pvp where you will win if you are the fastest to escape the level.

Choose between 6 characters.

Diego Basanta

Investor-Swing trader in different stock exchanges and cryptocurrencies for more than 2 years. Specialised in fundamental analysis of low market capitalisation projects. Designer of economies and advisor of different crypto projects. 3 years of experience in sales and marketing.

" Your life, your game "
Diego Vargas
Producer & Game Designer

8 years of experience as a game designer and producer. Creator of games for Steam, PS5, Switch, Android, Amazon Games, etc. (Runner Heroes: The curse of night and day, The Flea Evolution, Two Dimensions, One more day...). Winner of awards such as Best University Game Gamelab 2016, Fun and serious 2016, Best VR Game and Best User Experience 2017 at GamejamOn, among others. In addition, 20 years as Creative Director in advertising and leading teams.

" The original is to return to the origin "
Juan José Henares
Game Programmer

Multiplatform Application Developer, Master in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Infoarchitecture and videogames for Mobile, PC and Web, experience with Artificial Intelligence in behavioural trees. Unreal Engine programmer with 6 years of experience.

" If you can imagine it, I can create it "
Ángel Guede
Game Programmer

Video game developer with more than 10 years of experience in 3D modelling and texturing and more than 3 years of experience in programming with Unreal Engine. Video game design and scripting, having also experience in creating live role-playing games, board games and film scripts, as well as directing them.

" I've always wanted to tell stories. Video games allow me to let people live those stories "
Ángel C.C

Cryptocurrency advisor in different projects, business development leader for Huobi in Spain and Daomaker in Spain/LATAM. Extensive experience in managing large teams and marketing, as well as managing more than 60 Spanish communities.

" Successful investments are those that manage risk, not those that avoid it "
Guzmán López

Spanish lawyer with 18 years of professional experience in several national and international law firms. Expert in taxation of cryptocurrencies and NFT, play-to-earn games and advice to entrepreneurs, startups and companies and contracting with cryptocurrencies. Ad hoc and institutional arbitrator. Professor at a business school in Madrid and lecturer.

" You don't wish it was easier, you wish that you were better "
Ismael S.B.
Community Manager

Investor in different markets and entrepreneur. Experience in advertising and collaboration with influencers in different online shops. Also, experience in SEO of websites and blogs. Currently I am in charge of marketing and advertising, as well as CM for different blockchain projects.

" A long journey starts with a single step "
Ibacrea S.A.S
Colombian Company

Ibacrea is a technology company located in Colombia with more than 6 years of experience in web and app development. They have a multidisciplinary team of 20 people specialized in user experience, software quality, development and design. In Life Games they work in front-end development, design and user experience.

" Simple solutions "



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Your questions. Our answers.

Life Games is a platform that contains different mini-games of skill developed by us in which players can bet its native token against their opponent.

No. Although it is a trendy sector, we are aware that this kind of projects have a very short life expectancy if they have a high return on investment (ROI) and are unattractive if they have a low ROI.
We have set ourselves apart from this movement by creating a sustainable economy, in which the winner is not 'whoever enters first', but the one who demonstrates the most skill. In the future, we will have NFTs that will function only as Skins, and not as an advantage in the game.

We currently have no competence in the market. As we have already mentioned, the Play-To-Earn model is the one that all games currently use. We have created another type of economy. In addition, we differentiate ourselves by not having just one game, but a platform that increases the number of games over time.

We want to decentralize the betting model in which 'the house always wins'. In this case, the fee will go directly to the benefit of the holders and the players themselves. We only provide the platform and the games; it is the players who bet without intermediaries.

Well, we are different for more than a reason. Here are the main ones:
- We will not have only one game, but a platform with many games of different styles.
- Winning or losing in the games depends on your skill, not on luck and/or statistics. It's not Pay-to-Win either.
- While most NFT game economies are hyperinflationary. Ours is deflationary.
- We have automatic staking that is paid when buying and selling with a commission of 1.5% per transaction, benefiting the holder. We do not have a staking that injects tokens into circulation and reduces the value of the token.

Accustomed to betting outside of us, such as sports betting, and betting where statistics and luck reign, such as casino betting, we propose something else:
We want to manage the creation of a fun and competitive environment in which people who like to play video games can have earnings if they demonstrate good skills.